Hello and welcome!

When I looked at my bedside table last night, I realised it was full of post-it notes with quotes and snippets from the books I’ve been reading these past months. Then I realised my diary has also become a haven for quotes. So I said to myself “self, why not do a quote blog?”

So here it is. I will blog quotes or snippits, titbits if you will, from books I am currently reading. Maybe it will make someone want to read the book themselves, or just irritate. Hopefully the former. Sometimes the amount of quotes from a book may vary but that doesn’t mean I like it any more or less. Also, I will never reveal an ending, no matter how tempting it is because some are brilliant!

Being an ME/CFS sufferer there isn’t a huge amount of joy in my life. I’m housebound, which isn’t easy for a 22 year old. So literature has been my saving grace. I’m exploring, opening my mind, generally having a bloody good time, and all without leaving my house.

I got a lot of stick for working at the school library when I was in high school. Reading wasn’t something that was “done”, it was hard work, it was boring. But let me tell you, it’s nowhere near boring but it is hard work. When you hold that finished book in your hand, that is an achievement. You’ve been through hell with the lead character – some parts you may have found hard to stop reading, others maybe you were forcing yourself to continue. But you’ve done it, and this slightly more creased book in your hand is your proof.
A piece of beauty to do what you want with at your leisure – dip in whenever you want. No programme listings, no updated site, this is yours to enjoy when you want to.
And what can this book do? It can change your life. It can make you think in a different way. It can give you an experience you’ll never forget. It can even make you find a like-minded person you never knew existed.

Hector in Alan Bennett’s History Boys said “Pass it on.”. That’s what I want to do and am attempting to do here. In a world moving a mile a minute, with bookshops and libraries closing, I do not want something I love to fade away. That’s why I’m passing on what I enjoy and love in books I’m exploring.

Hope you enjoy exploring literature with me.


“The best moments in reading are when you come across something – a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things – which you had thought special and particular to you. Now here it is, set down by someone else, a person you have never met, someone even who is long dead. And it is as if a hand has come out and taken yours.”
-Hector in Alan Bennett’s The History Boys.


4 thoughts on “Hello and welcome!

  1. angryart says:

    Hey, it’s eliotfellow from twitter!

    I am really excited about your blog, because I love all your quotes on twitter. Funny how we’re starting blogs at the same time (I swear I didn’t know!). It is such a powerful feeling when you read that great passage and go, “I’ve got to highlight this! I’ve got to write this down! I’ve got to TELL someone about this!”

    The world of western literature will never stop leaving me in awe.

  2. niftybooks says:


    Thank you!! I’ll check yours out in a second – haha I like that we’re starting blogs at the same time, we can both go through the motions…

    I’m so glad someone gets what I mean. The hardest thing about this exploration is sometimes you find that amazing passage or quote and there is no-one to tell!!
    Most of the time I read at night so I’m just in my room alone, holding a book aloft and saying “wow…wow!” to myself. Even if I end up telling somebody about it they normally respond with “Uhh.. huh!”

    It is a wonderful thing, and I don’t think anything will replace that for me..

    What are you reading at the moment? Or do you say in your blog that I haven’t checked yet, haha.

    *edit* Ah nevermind I thought your username linked to a blog – link me when you’re finished!

  3. Great idea for a blog, letting books speak for themselves, I know what you mean about wanting to share those great pieces of writing, I drive my family nuts, I love long car trips when they are stuck in the car with me and can’t escape, mind you for all the complaining the fifteen year old seems to steal away a lot of my books and now she comes to me with books and quotes that excite her, it is contagious. Really love the way you have quoted Bennett’s History Boys that is also a favourite with both myself and the previously mentioned teenager.

    • niftybooks says:

      Thank you very much for your comment, I’m so glad you like the blog!

      What a wonderful bond for you both to share, and it’s so great that she’s exploring literature herself, too. I come from a family of librarians, but my Dad did all his main reading years ago – and he has an odd habit of never reading anything twice! While I, if I love a book, will read it until it falls apart. Saying that, he does let me talk a bit about a book for a while…

      Oh I love Alan Bennett.. and History Boys is one of the things that got me started on this journey.
      Exploration of knowledge and literature can be fun, absolutely thrilling, and he showed me that. There’s much more to it than what I experienced at school.

      I hope you both have a very fun journey.. I’d love to hear what you’re reading from time to time!

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