The Apple Cart – George Bernard Shaw (Part 3)

Book: The Apple Cart – George Bernard Shaw
Status: Read

Apologies for the gap in posting these final quotes – been a little busy!
Here’s the last selection from ‘The Apple Cart’. Again, it’s amazing that this play is over 80 years old,  when you compare quotes to modern politics.

“VANHATTAN: [desisting] Her Majesty will excuse me when she learns the nature of my errand here. This, King Magnus, is a great historic scene: one of the greatest, perhaps, that history has ever recorded or will ever again record.
MAGNUS: Have you had tea?”

“MAGNUS: [Pulling himself together with a visible effort] May I ask, Mr Vanhattan, with whom did this – this – this masterstroke of American policy originate? Frankly, I have been accustomed to regard your President as a statesman whose mouth was the most efficient part of his head. He cannot have thought of this himself. Who suggested it to him?”

“MAGNUS: Are you inexorably determined to force this issue to its logical end? You know how un-English it is to do that?
PROTEUS: My people came from Scotland.
LYSISTRATA: I wish they had stayed there. I am English: every bone in my body.
BOANERGES [vociferously] Same here!
PROTEUS: God help England if she had no Scots to think for her!”

“BOANERGES: Is he any better? The way you fellows scuttle backward and forward from one mind to another whenever Joe holds up his finger is disgusting. This is a Cabinet of sheep.
PROTEUS: Well, give the flock a better lead if you can. Have you anything else to propose?
BOANERGES: I don’t know that I have on the spur of the moment. We should have had notice of this. But I suppose the King must do as he thinks right.
PROTEUS. Then the goat goes with the sheep; so that’s all right.
BOANERGES: Who are you calling a goat?
NICOBAR: If you come to that, who are you calling sheep?”

Taken from ‘The Apple Cart’ by George Bernard Shaw.
Available from Amazon UK :


2 thoughts on “The Apple Cart – George Bernard Shaw (Part 3)

  1. Hi, I don’t know how you feel about award memes, I have had a couple of other bloggers pass on awards lately, and I have passed one onto you, if your interested just visit the blog to pick it up: I do enjoy your literary posts, and your quotes are a great intro into great books.

    • niftybooks says:

      That’s very kind of you, thank you! I’ve never heard of these.. I’ll definitely do something once I work out what I have to do 😉

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