And we’re back!

My reading has picked up again lately and I thought back to my dear Quotable Paperback, and how much I used to love sharing little lines or paragraphs. So when a kind soul followed my poor, deserted blog I thought, well.. why not revive the old boy.

So, to freshly introduce myself! I’m Rachel, 27, and I read, well,… anything. I have a penchant for plays, existentialism, and German literature, but you’ll find all sorts on here.
As much as I would love to be, I am no critic. Actually no.. I wouldn’t really love to be a critic. I’m no author and I can’t tell authors how to author. There are books I love and books I don’t love, but I don’t mind telling you that I’m not as educated as to tell you why I came to either conclusion. I can’t go on and on about metaphors or various writing techniques. So when I wanted to start a book blog I decided purely to share the words I’ve been looking at and enjoying. I may give an opinion at the end of it, but I want to let the book do the talking. As I go through the book I use a pencil to bracket certain lines or short passages I like; some may be whimsical or humorous, some may be meaningful, or horrific, but the main thing is it’s straight from the horse’s mouth. If you like a book enough to want to give it a try, I will give some shopping links at the end of every post – but please, please, pleaaase consider buying your book from a secondhand or independent bookshop/bookseller.

I hope you find some books to enjoy from these little samples, and thank you for joining me for this literary journey. Think of it as a little buffet. Hey, that was a metaphor! Or was it..? Meh.

Rachel x


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